We recognize that current evaluation models are deficit — rather than difference — focused. We understand and practice within evidence-based evaluation models and establish DSM-V or ICD-10 diagnosis so that our clients may access services and civil rights protections. 

Research in neurodivergence is proceeding rapidly. We work to keep our evaluations and therapies up-to-date and evidence-based.


Should you have questions about this approach, we invite you to contact us.  We would be happy to discuss our approaches and practices with you,

Scheduling an Evaluation

Charis Learning Center In provides multi-disciplinary evaluations. Generally, three visits are necessary to complete the evaluation. 

Prior to scheduling an evaluation we need:

  -Referral from Physician 



Questions?  Contact our Administrative Assistant using the Contact button above or call 802-730-8217 

Referral for Physician 

This referral is to be filled out by your Primary Care Provider. They can fax a completed referral directly to our office. 

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Records Requested

To complete background information for the evaluation, we will request

  • Available Medical Records

  • Available School Records

  • Any previous evaluations, including school evaluations (for school age children)

  • Notes or reports from professionals providing intervention services

Written Report and Support Services

A comprehensive written report with diagnostic statement and recommendations will be shared with parents or individuals approximately 2-3 weeks after the final appointment.


An online or in person report meeting will be scheduled with a Charis professional and parents or individuals prior to sending the written report.  This provides an opportunity to ask questions, clarify information and discuss next steps.

Charis Learning Center offers one meeting with a school team to present the report.  Beyond that meeting, Charis professionals will work directly with parents to help navigate the school system for their children. Charis also offers consultative services to schools on a contractual basis.