Our students are boys and girls ages 5 to 11, at learning levels of Kindergarten to 5th grade. We will be expanding to grades 6-8.  Charis Learning Center is approved by the Vermont Department of Education for a variety of disability categories.  Our students struggle in a typical classroom and come to us for a customized education program. Students are encouraged to explore their interests, learn with their hands, and express themselves in their own way.


Charis Learning Center implements programs designed to teach academic skills in the context of social, behavioral, sensory and cognitive therapeutic intervention. Courses of study include communication, reading, writing, math, social studies, science, physical education and art/music.  Teachers at the school are licensed, certified professionals such as Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Music Therapist, Special Educator, Clinical Psychologist.

Extra Curricular Programs


At Charis Learning Center, students learn by doing. We offer many different programs to teach our students the life skills and active lifestyle needed to succeed - such as participation in a community Farmer's Market, planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables for daily meals, participating in local special events. Students are encouraged to pursue their interest at the level of their greatest success.



Students will learn to make diverse food choices and prepare healthy snacks and meals with the assistance of staff members and the school cook. This program covers kitchen safety, food handling, nutrition, recipe reading, and serving etiquette and social interaction at mealtime. 


Music and Art:


Music, movement and art activities are incorporated across the day to activate attention,memory and recall, enhance social engagement, provide calming activities and make learning fun!




Our Therapeutic Horseback Riding program is offered in partnership with Dawn to Dusk Stables in Underhill. Students receive a customized equine program that fits their school goals and personal interests, taught by a Certified Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor. Equine therapies known to help meet education goals, address complex communication needs, boost self-esteem, increase activity, and enhance socialization. 

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