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 We Serve Students, Children and Families


  • Families who need consultation and recommendations for Registered Home School, Remote Learning, Blended Learning (at school and at home)

  • Students or adults with complex communication, behavioral and academic needs

  • Disability categories of -

    • Autism Spectrum Disorder​

    • Specific Learning Disorder (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia)

    • Developmental Delay

    • Emotional Disability

    • Intellectual Disability

    • Other Health Impairment

    • Specific Learning Disability

    • Speech-Language Impairment

    • Traumatic Brain Injury

Charis Learning Center, Inc. blends evidence-based instruction, hands-on learning and therapeutic intervention to promote success in academics, self-regulation, social interaction, communication and relationship with family, friends and community.

Our Staff

Mary B. Asper, MS, CCC-SLP 

Mary is a consulting SLP whose primary focus is on language and social communication disorders.  Mary has extensive diagnostic and intervention experience, specializing in students with low-incidence disabilities and autism, as well as ongoing training and professional development in language disorders, assistive technology, AAC and social communication. She has focused her practice on individualized educational and therapeutic interventions for clients diagnosed with ASD for the past ten years.  Mary is a national presenter for PESI, Inc. and BER, providing continuing education for educational and therapeutic professionals.

Linda B. L. Riddle M.S. OTR/L 

Linda has been practicing as a school based occupational therapist in Vermont since 1999. She has additional training in Sensory Processing Disorders and became certified for the Sensory Integration and PraxisTest though the University of Southem California and Western Psychological Services in 2000. She has both professional and personal experience with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Linda's emphasis in her practice involves designing functional activities that improve students' access to the curriculum, and that calm or activate the sensory system to provide balance to support self regulation.

Suzy Shedd, MA, MA, Licensed Psychologist – Master

Suzy has lengthy experience in diagnostic evaluation, tutoring students with neurologically based processing disorders, and consulting to school-based teams around inclusion, behavior management, curriculum development, “in the box” programming and collaboration with SLPs for the treatment of language and processing disorders.  Suzy focus for Charis Learning Center's will be designing individualized behavioral and educational plans.  In addition to her role with the school, Suzy serves as the Accessibility Support Specialist for Goddard College in Plainfield, VT.

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